Women will own two-thirds of all wealth in the U.S.
by 2030. 1


Yet...80% of women investors refrain from talking about money with people close to them, citing reasons like it's too personal or uncomfortable or simply not wanting people close to them to have that knowledge.2

We believe that the money taboo is a long-standing, harmful reality in our culture. It leads to errors and disputes, patterns of ignorance, mistakes, inequality, and fear and anxiety for women. As the Women's Worth Alliance,  we're here to cultivate a network that supports women investors as you work to establish and manage your wealth, lifestyle, and legacy. 

"As a role model to women, I say, 'Put yourself at the table. That's where decisions are made. Trust yourself and know that you have the knowledge to make strong financial decisions.' That's the confidence we hope to build and support with this alliance." said Sherry Holley, Women's Worth Alliance board member and President of Gratz Park Private Wealth.

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